Family Protection

The old adage says that you can’t take it with you, so the next best thing is to leave it to your loved ones. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. The bequests you leave your loved ones can end up in the hands of strangers if they divorce, remarry or find themselves in financial difficulties.


Online Wills

When it comes to making a will face to face communication is always better. You can discuss important issues that may be missed by a simple written questionnaire. It’s primarily for this reason that we do not offer an Online Will service - we offer a professional, face-to-face, bespoke service tailored to you.


Home Protection

Statistics show that 1in 3 women and 1 in 4 men over the age of 65 will eventually have to live in a Care Home. Current legislation states that if your savings and the value of your home are over £23,250 then you could be expected to pay for your own Care Home costs, even if it means selling your home to do it.


Funeral Plans

I am totally independent, which means that as there are numerous funeral plan companies on the market, I can recommend the best plan for you, rather than being tied to offer you just one company. I can do the research and from the details you give me, I can inform you of which company can offer you the best price.


Power of Attorney

Unfortunately there are instances where someone cannot make decisions due to mental incapacity. The NHS estimate that over 2,000,000 people lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves due to dementia, mental health difficulties, brain injuries or other illnesses that may occur even in the prime of life.



When somebody dies, there are a number of legal and financial duties to complete. Administering the estate can be expensive and take up time. A Solicitor can be employed to deal with Probate for you if you are named as an Executor in a Will or if there is no Will and you are the next of kin.


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Gifting your home to avoid paying for care home costs!!

Article taken from “Who Pays 4 Care”   Don’t make the same mistake.

Mrs. K gifted her home to her son 9 years ago and continued to reside at the property alone. She has recently moved into a care home, having been assessed as requiring “social care”. Her income and assets were assessed by the local authority, who included the value of the property she had gifted to her son in their calculations.

Mrs. K’s son was faced with the options of paying the balance of his mother’s care fees personally, after deducting her contributions from pension incomes, renting her home out, with the rental income going toward care costs, with him covering any shortfall or, selling up and using the full proceeds of sale to pay care costs.

Mrs. K had gifted the property to her son, because a friend had advised her after 7 years the gift would be exempt from use for care fees. When confronted with the local authority assessment, the son had used the same argument, without realising it proved Mrs. K’s intention to prevent the property being used for care costs.

Thousands of home owners follow the example of others [as Mrs. K had] believing the action taken by them must be right. It is only when those actions get tested, when care is required that families frequently discover they have made huge and often costly mistakes.