Pre-paid Funeral Plan Scare

Recently there have been numerous reports on the news making people aware of the dangers of being pushed into buying a pre-paid funeral plan by unscrupulous direct sales people.  A report by the BBC explained that thousands of people could be let down by poor funeral plans that they do not understand.  Saying that relatives face extra costs after the death, or that some firms are in danger of collapsing after  people have given them their money towards their future funeral.  The Funeral Industry has been campaigning for change, these plans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and there is a danger.  However they do point out that buying a funeral plan from a reputable provider can provide good value for money as it locks in current prices.

Here at Will Creation, we are independent funeral plan advisers.  We do not push or “sell” pre-paid funeral plans.  We are here to advise you of the best deal for you with only the top companies in the industry.  All plans are Guaranteed to pay out for your funeral costs in full, with the companies we recommend.  If you are unsure about your present plan, we can explain everything to you and hopefully put your mind at rest.  If you need advice please contact us – remember we are totally independent and work to help you, the client, not the companies.

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