When somebody dies, there are a number of legal and financial duties to complete.  Administering the estate can be expensive and take up time. A Solicitor can be employed to deal with Probate for you if you are named as an Executor in a Will or if there is no Will and you are the next of kin.  However their costs can be anything up to 8% of the total estate.  With a little help, most people are capable of dealing with Probate matters themselves.

We have a pack available to help Executors and Beneficiaries through the whole process from start to finish.  The pack includes information about Probate and how to obtain the necessary legal documents with or without a Will, so that all monies can be released to pay debts and eventually pay all the beneficiaries.  It explains the duties of an Executor, includes a list of handy websites, locally recommended professionals to help you, legal terms and definitions, spreadsheets for you to complete all assets and liabilities and Estate Account Summery to give to all the beneficiaries so that they have a full explanation of their inheritance.  We also include sample letters for you to send to all debtors and creditors.  Together with the Probate Forms for Probate Registry Offices and the Tax Forms, which need to be completed even if there is no Inheritance Tax to pay.

The pack costs £249.

You can purchase the pack at any time – By yourself to place with your Will, so that your Executors have everything to hand when the time comes or by Executors when they need help, the cost is an expense of the estate.  The pack is not just for clients that have written their Wills through me, but for anybody who find that they need help dealing with Probate with or without a Will.