Do I need to make a Will?

The simple answer is yes! If you care about who benefits from your estate after your death and you want to avoid causing unnecessary distress to family and friends, then you need to make a Will that’s legally valid.

Almost 2000 people die in the UK every day.  Two out of three people have not made a Will, adding to their families’ distress and all the problems on ‘Intestacy’ (dying without making a valid Will).  Therefore dying without making a Will could mean that the government dictates who gets what of your estate depending on your domestic circumstances.

Married, in a Civil Partnership or Separated with children 1. Your partner gets: a) Car and house contents
b) First £270,000 of your estate
c) Half of any excess over £270,000
2.Your Children get: a) Half of any excess over £270,000 outright or in trust to age 18


Married or in a Civil Partnership (No children) 1. Your partner gets: a) Car and house contents
b) The entire extate
2. Your parents (or if none alive), your brothers/sisters get: a) Nothing


Single, Widowed, Divorced or Cohabiting Everything goes to your children (if any). Otherwise to your
parents (if alive). Otherwise to your siblings (or their children).
Otherwise to your grandparents (if alive). Otherwise to your Aunts and
Uncles (or their children).Otherwise to the government


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